Monday, August 31, 2015

Project Kancil: New Alarm upgrade for Project Kancil

From previous post here, there are some upgrades pending for project Kancil but at the moment I just wanted to upgraded those that is a must to me. Done replacing the blown HID bulb and now is time for the alarm system. I bought a flip key alarm system due to I already fed up with all the keys that hanging around with the alarm remote. With this flip key alarm system, I just need to carry a single alarm remote. :)

The alarm is with me right now and I will try to install it as soon as possible. I will try to upload the alarm system diagram and hopefully this will provide a reference for those who want to DIY to install an alarm system for their car. 

Some features of the alarm system include (Open/Close lock, Vibration sensor, Trunk release and etc) and come with all necessary items. Take a look closer at the alarm system after the jump.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Project Celica: Toyota Celica is back with a new REMUS exhaust muffler

Another good news beside my Kancil where my Celica is back in action. Back in this post, I mentioned about my Celica engine will jerk when trying to hit lift and the exhaust had metal rattling noise. As usual, I took my Celica to "Chin" my mechanic to inspect where is the source that caused the exhaust rattling noise. 

After lifted up the car, we shook the exhaust system and found out the sound was from the muffler itself. Everything else from the exhaust system is still in good condition. Thus I headed to the exhaust shop and had the exhaust system checked. The boss said that he needed to cut the muffler then only able to inspect the internal whether the muffler can be reused or not. What does the reuse means here is he can recondition the muffler by inserting the fiber back into it if the muffler is just out of fiber. 

Project Kancil: Major make over... 80% done

Decided to pay a visit to my Kancil and the engine is back to where it belongs. Changed all the hoses to silicone hoses and many more but still far from getting it done because there are some minor issues. Despite of those minor issues, we managed to start the engine and it ran perfectly without showing any bad symptom. Besides that, I'm looking to get some extra stuffs to enhance the performance and also the look of my Kancil.

Let me list down what are those minor issues: -
1. RPM meter is not working properly. (Well I faced this even before I sent to my Kancil for a total make over)
2, The passenger side HID bulb is blown.
3. Alarm wiring was not installed when the time I got the JBJL transplanted to my Kancil.
4. Aircond system is working but entire system is pretty dirty according to my mechanic.
5. The EPS is not working. Still trying to figure out which component is giving us the problem, EPS management, motor sensor, speed sensor? 

Monday, August 3, 2015

Bad news on both of the Project Celica and Project Kancil

Hi guys,

Its been months that I updated this blog and I'm officially back to update this blog but unfortunately with some bad news. 

First of all, is my Kancil where the CEL (Check Engine Light) kept constantly ON. After checking on it, the error code was 18 which was due to knock sensor error. I sent it to my mechanic and found out that the wiring which connected between the battery and alternator had melted and at the same time it melted the knock sensor wiring too. Besides that, there is major oil leak issue where it caused me to refill it every week. Once my mechanic had removed the engine from the car, found out a lot of worn parts which needed to be replaced. For example, valve seal, oil seal, vacuum hose, radiator hose, brake pump (not strong enough), brake disc (not even anymore). With all these worn parts, I decided to rebuild the engine. I will try to update about the progress.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Useful apps for car owners

Useful apps for car owners Smartphones are changing the way we do things every day. We use them to watch our favorite shows, play games, check on our friends via social media, and seek help when we need something done while driving. Almost everyone in the world right now has a smartphone, which is why computer developers are focusing most of their efforts in creating apps instead of desktop software. According to the company that manages the entertainment site Pocket Fruity, the mobile platform is clearly ahead of consoles, and tablets are clearly making good progress in the world of computing. The huge number of smartphone developers is the very reason why people can find an app for almost anything. Do you need to check your car’s performance, find a parking area, or help in keeping yourself awake while driving? Read on as we give you some of the most useful apps that you can take with you on the road.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Project Kancil: DIY Clean Aircond Blower (JBJL Mira L502s)

If you happen to notice that the air flow is weak from your aircond and weird smell, it is most probably that your aircond blower is dirty and is time for you to clean it up. Unfortunately there is no aircond filter for the Mira L5 so the aircond blower will easily get dirty and this happen to my Kancil as well. 

There is not necessary to send your car to a workshop to clean the blower. You may DIY it at home to save up some money because it is pretty easy whereby you just need to unscrew 3 screws to remove the blower from the aircond system. The blower of Mira L5 is located at the driver side, some vehicles might be at the passenger side.