Thursday, October 5, 2017

Project Kancil: SSR Type-C replica

It has been more than a year after my Kancil done the second engine conversion. Thus is time for me to write some updates after the car.

First of all, I changed a set of new rims in December last year. I was planning to get a set of 14x6JJ +38 offset rim initially. However after measuring with the exact rim on the car, it did not fit well due to the rim "poke" too much out from the wheel arch. End up I was forced to get the 14x5.5 +38 offset rim instead. It was all wrapped with Falken Sincera 832i which they still serve me pretty well until now. The total cost for the wheels was around RM1.2k if my memory serve me right.

Sunday, August 20, 2017


As a Malaysian, we all might know that the cheapest brand new car is Perodua Axia. Thanks to Malaysia second automotive company - Perodua, they set the price tag at a pretty affordable range which range from the lowest specification RM24.9K to the highest specification at RM42.9K. 

Due to the affordable price, you do not need an arm or leg to own it. Therefore it is pretty suitable for youngsters who just got their driving license and for those who just graduated from university and need a car to transport them from their home to their work place.

Saturday, July 22, 2017


Since I'm a Proton Satria owner and this means that I can't resist to any modified Proton Satria around the world. And here I would like to introduce to you guys about this awesome little hatch is a Proton Satria and own by a dedicated person name Kahlil. This Proton Satria was originally equipped with a 1.6L 4G92p but it need to move way for the new adopted 4G93 1.8L single cam engine. he did quite a remarkable job in nipping and tucking the engine bay while was at it. The engine is a 4G93 motor, with an immaculately done cam cover in a deep reddish tone. Khalil retained only the essentials for the engine bay, stripping all other useless creature comfort stuff like air-conditioning and such, resulting in a clean and classy bay fit for an Autoshow. 

I will not write any more information about this car in order to give credit to the original writer and blog. Please click on this link to the original post.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Project Kancil: Another Engine Transplant - Update 3

I managed to get my car back from P44 Autoworks last Thursday (30th June). Well, what I can say over here is P44 Autoworks done another round of good job yet again. Never expected that Gar and the rest managed to settle all the installation within a week plus. Do remember that it is in the fasting month and their shop full of customers' cars pending for service/engine transplant before Raya.

Tested my Kancil for few days and it runs smoothly. Electric power steering works perfectly and the rev meter works as expected. Nothing much I can complain about but just feel that the exterior paint job and the wheel are totally not match with the beautiful engine bay paint job.

Project Kancil: Another Engine Transplant - Update 2

Another update about my Kancil progress. Nothing much I would like to tell here but just to share the engine start up video with my readers here.