Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Project Kancil: Another Engine Transplant - Update 3

I managed to get my car back from P44 Autoworks last Thursday (30th June). Well, what I can say over here is P44 Autoworks done another round of good job yet again. Never expected that Gar and the rest managed to settle all the installation within a week plus. Do remember that it is in the fasting month and their shop full of customers' cars pending for service/engine transplant before Raya.

Tested my Kancil for few days and it runs smoothly. Electric power steering works perfectly and the rev meter works as expected. Nothing much I can complain about but just feel that the exterior paint job and the wheel are totally not match with the beautiful engine bay paint job.

Project Kancil: Another Engine Transplant - Update 2

Another update about my Kancil progress. Nothing much I would like to tell here but just to share the engine start up video with my readers here.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Project Kancil: Another Engine Transplant - Update 1

Wow... very impressive and I never thought that it is done until this stage. Initially when I visit P44 Autoworks, Gar already told me that due to Raya/Puasa festival and there are a lot of cars waiting for service and engine transplant before Raya, there will be slightly delay for the car delivery. It is not a problem for me as I do not want to give extra stress to Gar and the rest. 

However, he updated the progress in his FB and instagram whereby the problematic engine was already out from the engine bay and what you see next is really impressive. 

Project Kancil: Another Engine Transplant

Last weekend on 26 June 2016, finally I sent my Kancil to Gar- P44 Autoworks. After long discussion about what I want and the current issues:- EPS not working, drive shaft not in good condition and so on, Gar suggested me to get another halfcut (L6) since I can get a working EPS and also can sell off those unwanted parts to offset the halfcut price. 

After some thought, I took his advice and my daily drive need another engine transplant again. I opted not to drive from Bayan Lepas to Permatang Pauh which is around 30-40km away because of I worry about the engine will failed me on the way there. Thus, Gar sent his flatbed tow truck to my apartment and what I did just to wave bye bye to my Kancil. The fare is pretty reasonable which cost me around RM180. If you need this service please contact Gar for more detail information. :)

Project Celica: Accident

Is my Celica turn now, as you may know from previous post; my Kancil turbo "kong" causing engine failure or vice versa. So the only transport I have is my Celica. Drove it for a month already because the incident happen. Unfortunately until one evening which I planned to send my car to have a car wash and accident happen...

Yup... my car got rear ended and thus I front ended the car in front of me. Well, very lucky that my rear bumper is from PU material. The only damaged was the scratches on the rear bumper and a small dent on the rear bonnet. However my front end did not survived the crash, which lead to front bumper crack.  

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Project Kancil: Heart Failure

It's been a while I updated my blog here. Well, May 2016 is not the month for me. Nothing worst than that ever. Firstly, my Kancil turbo "kong" can causing a lot of issue to the car. Secondly, I met an accident while driving my Celica. 

Since this post is for my Kancil, I will talk about what happen to my Kancil and leave my Celica's issue in the next coming post. At first, there was a sign showing the engine started to lack of power. Unfortunately I never took any action to fix it or find the actual root cause of it. Thing started to get worse until one day the engine surged and the turbine totally gave way.